Current Projects

Aside from my day job at Adobe building products for the creative world, and my seed investing, there are a few projects I am focused on...



I am the technology and design advisor for sweetgreen, a values-driven locally-sourced seasonal kitchen, and served on the board. sweetgreen is a collection of over 70 locally-sourced seasonal kitchens across the country. The company is led by a values-driven team focused on building community and leveraging the latest design and technology to create incredible customer experiences. Learn more and find your nearest sweetgreen here.



Prefer helps you find professionals you need (whether it be a personal trainer, chef, babysitter, accountant…any trusted professional) from people you know. Prefer brings back the sensation of living in a small town, where relationships and reputations were paramount and everyone you work with was referred by friends. Read more and join Prefer.

Maximize The Middle

As a follow up to Making Ideas Happen, published in 2010, I am working on a new project that chronicles the endurance and optimization that happens in-between the start and finish of a creative project or new venture. You can read some of my latest articles at Positive Slope or view a recent talk on the topic at CreativeMornings.


I also spend a good amount of time with founders of companies in my portfolio - and their teams, providing support on product, optimizing product/design teams, communications strategy, and go-to-market, . 



Projects On Behance

A selection of projects from a decade leading Behance, developing a brand, and building products and services for the creative world.